Get country states

GET /countries/{countryCode}/states

Get all states/districts for country

Path parameters

  • countryCode string Required

    ISO-3166 Alpha2 or Alpha3 code for country


  • 200 application/json

    List of states in the specified country

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
  • Country not found

  • No or empty country/query specified

  • API key is missing or invalid

  • [FREE PLANS ONLY] Request Quota Exceeded

GET /countries/{countryCode}/states
curl \
Response examples (200)
  "result": [
      "AK": "Alaska",
      "AL": "Alabama",
      "AR": "Arkansas",
      "CA": "California",
      "CO": "Colorado"
  "count": 5,
  "time_taken_ms": 1.3892211