Language Support

The payload includes translations for the official and the common representation of each country name. Our Country Matching endpoint also does matching by all supported language automatically. Currently we support the following languages:

  • Native language(s) for each country
  • English: eng (default returned name)
  • Arabic: ara
  • Bulgarian: bul
  • Czech: ces
  • Danish: dan
  • German: deu
  • Greek: ell
  • Esperanto: epo
  • Spanish: spa
  • Estonian: est
  • Basque: eus
  • Finnish: fin
  • French: fra
  • Croatian: hr
  • Hungarian: hun
  • Armenian: hye
  • Italian: ita
  • Japanese: jpn
  • Korean: kor
  • Lithuanian: lit
  • Dutch: nld
  • Norwegian: nor
  • Polish: pol
  • Portuguese: por
  • Romanian: ron
  • Russian: rus
  • Slovak: slk
  • Slovenian: slv
  • Serbian: srp
  • Swedish: swe
  • Thai: tha
  • Ukrainian: ukr
  • Chinese: zho
  • Chinese (Traditional): zho-tw
  • Persian: per
  • Urdu: urd

Languages are listed by name name and their corresponding ISO 639-3 Alpha-3 code.

We also have an endpoint to get all supported languages, including ISO 639-2 Alpha-2 codes and english translation of the name.

Please note that some languages only includes translations for the common spelling of the country name, not the official. An example of common name is "United Kingdom", whereas the official name is "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".